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Decidely involved in the field of security and more specifically in the management of its components , Sébastien BEAUJEAN has forged his experience since 1998 in numerous positions of responsibility, enabling him to undoubtedly control the processes that have to be implemented.

Thus, he dominates perfectly all aspects of security and has a proven knowledge of the steps to be activated.

His personal commitment, always in search of quality, allows him to rely on a multidirectional network of excellence.

He founded Saint Georges Management in 2010.

logo saint georges management
Drawing on its extensive experience and reputation Saint Georges Management has positioned itself within the security sector as a proactive company:

Proactive with regard to Security
by analysing risks and managing the measures to be taken.

Proactive with regard to Protocol
by providing coordination with the attached services and personality management.

The nature of the personalities, protocolarily sensitive, makes the management of the Protocol inseparable from the Security. Saint Georges Management therefore has a structure that guarantees this complementarity.

At last, under the dynamism of Sébastien BEAUJEAN, Saint Georges Management wished to participate actively in the process of standardization of private security.

Saint Georges Management ensures that its services comply with the latest standards in the field, guaranteeing quality and security. To do this, Saint Georges Management has integrated the AFNOR "Security & Resilience" commitee and the "Group of Expert of Security Services". This involvement allows him to be up-to-date and anticipate changes in the profession.

Finally, in a world that is changing faster and faster, it is essential to make informed choices.

Therefore, Saint Georges Management has activated a Security Watch that allows you to anticipate risks and adjust devices designed to be always adapted to different situations. Saint Georges Management publishes a monthly Newsletter on the national security context.

Beyond the security watch, monitoring and controlling the environment allows to make the right choices for the conduct of activities. In order to provide you with the strategic information you may need, Saint Georges Management offers a personalized watch service, focused on your interests.
Founder and CEO Saint Georges Management :
Security general management and security coordination since 2010
Some Key missions :
Senior Security Manager of Red Bull Air Race Cannes 2018
Senior Security Manager of Viva-Technology since 2016 (VivaTech)
Coordinator of the Plastic Omnium 70th anniversary at Grand Palais
Organisation & management of the security and protection of people for a wedding in the Versailles Palace
Senior Security Manager of the 42th Mutualité Française meeting in Montpellier
Security manager of an important family – CEE/Amériques
Security coordinator of the centunary of Verdun’s Battle
Security and Protocol Direction of Solutions COP21 – Paris 2015
Security Direction of Martell tercentenary in Cognac
Security Coordination of July 14 National Day – Mexico in the spotlight – Security of various events organized by mexican authorities  : Garden Party Presidency of July 14 at the Center of the Interallied Union – Reception at the residence of the ambassador – Evenings organized by the Mexican Ministry of Culture, …
Senior Security Manager of International Gas Convention – WGC 2015 in Paris
Security Management of the Forum of Freedom and Solidarity during the commemorations of the 70th anniversary of the landing in Normandy
Senior Security Manager for Karoui Group and Karoui/ Nessma TV in Tunis ( Tunisia)- Security Officer of Mr Nabil KAROUI
Senior Security Manager of Paris Peace Forum 2018
Senior Security Manager of the Women’s Forum in Paris since 2017
Security coordination / Inauguration of the TGV Paris-Rennes
Founder and CEO Team SGB Security :
Management- Protection of goods and people since 2005
Some Key missions :
Paradisio Cinema 2015
Peninsula Hotel’s inauguration in Paris – 2015
Security Manager of Publicis Group ‘s General Assembly since 2012
International Convention of the Pernod Ricard Group since 2008
Senior Security Manager of a family in the Middle East for 17 years
Securing Groupama's "Vision" event in 2107
Inauguration of the Pull and Bear Boutique in Paris - rue de Rivoli
Securing an important wedding on 3 days at the Château de Versailles

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